Dimensional Inspection

On components

Significance and Test Methods

Dimensional accuracy is essential for small components such as seals or moulded parts. In most cases, the assembly and function of a component depends on it. The dimensional inspection of elastic and flexible parts is particularly demanding.

If the flexible parts are deformed during measurement, this can falsify the measurement results. At Elastomer Institut Richter, we therefore rely on non-contact measuring systems as far as possible.

The Testing Procedure

For standard parts with standardised dimensions, we usually use the specifications of the relevant standard for the dimensional inspection. DIN ISO 3601-1, for example, provides information on measuring methods for O-rings. For example, it specifies the test temperature and humidity as well as other factors that can affect the measurement result.

For other components, either factory standards apply or the information from the O-ring standard DIN ISO 3601-1 can be used as a basis for reliable measurements.

For dimensional tests we use different non-contact methods. A measuring and sorting machine specially developed for O-rings was put into operation already in 1996. Today, we check the dimensions of seals and other technical rubber products with the state-of-the-art technology using transmitted light with high-resolution cameras. For special, non-circular geometries, we use digital microscopes or our three-dimensional measuring machine.

Dimensional monitoring for many products

As part of the quality control, failure analysis or qualification of components, we carry out dimensional inspections for a wide range of technical elastomer products. There are almost no limits to the possibilities using transmitted light and microscopy. Do not hesitate to contact us.