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Our Expertise for your Professional Development

It is our aim not only to support you in your application, but also to provide you with the necessary tools for your future work with elastomers. For that, we share our knowledge of more than 25 years in elastomer and sealing technology with you. Bernhard and Timo Richter teach both our life seminars and our online trainings.

You can find the entire programme of the face-to-face training courses in the seminar area on O-Ring Prüflabor Richter.
Alternatively, you can put together your own online training programme via our new website Elastomer Training Richter
– individual, flexible and at any time.


At our Place, Yours or simply Online

For more than 20 years, we have been offering our expertise in elastomer and sealing technology in public seminars at our premises in Großbottwar or at the Hotel Ochsen in Oberstenfeld. In addition, we visit you directly on site for the professional development of your employees and colleagues. During training courses at our own premises, you also regularly have the opportunity to have a closer look at our laboratory and our work.

For in-house seminars, we are also happy to compile the contents for you individual purpose. Therefore, you can be sure to get exactly the information you need for your future tasks.

Since we are not only up-to-date with testing technology but also with web tools, you can also attend our webinars from the comfort of your workplace.

Our Competence

Your Added Value

From our daily business, we know the technical performance of elastomers and their limits. We share this knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and always technically correct – that’s what we’re known for. In addition, we are continuously improving our range of services to include interesting topics.

In our seminars and webinars, we provide important knowledge about elastomer materials, the quality and production of elastomer products, testing procedures and failure analysis of seals. We show you how to prevent damage and what you should consider when designing seals and their installation spaces for different applications. In addition, you will gain deep insights into FEA analysis in sealing technology and special requirements for the technical cleanliness of sealing elements.

In these seminars, you will gain basic knowledge about technical elastomers, approvals and materials testing. You will gain insight into the benefits of important standard testing and their significance, and you will also learn more about innovative analytical testing methods. Advanced seminars give you the opportunity to deepen this knowledge. Our training courses are also used to refresh existing basic skills.

You will receive a profound overview of the complete production chain of technical rubber parts. A special focus will be on component quality and the complexity of elastomer production. The topic on technical cleanliness will show you ways to meet these special requirements, how to make seals technically clean or LABS-compliant (PWIS) and how to verify cleanliness.

In the various seminars on sealing technology, we inform you about the special features, possible applications and application limits of O-rings and other seals and give important tips on how to design installation spaces correctly.

In a separate seminar, we go into detail about the possibilities of FEA analysis to confirm a seal design and to gain a deeper understanding of dynamic loads in particular.

In the seminar on failure analysis, you will get an overview of all common failure modes and learn how to track down the root cause of failure in a reliable way. Even if your focus is not on seals, you will find valuable information here on the systematic analysis of a damage pattern and learn how to identify the logic of a failure and how to prevent it.

With our comprehensive online training courses, you can expand your knowledge of elastomers and elastomer components completely flexibly and at any time. Choose between basic, advanced or complete courses at We thoroughly explain important basics, show you the correlations and introduce you to the technical applications and special features of rubber.

We also focus on personal communication in our online training courses, hence our instructors Bernhard and Timo Richter will guide you through the training sessions.

Simply book the topics as single or group licences and the training videos will be available to you for several weeks immediately after you have completed your booking. During this time, you can use the videos as needed, even several times. All content can also be downloaded as a PDF.

Our current Range of Seminars

Topics • Contents • Dates

Below you will find topics and details on all the in-class seminars that we regularly offer at our training centre ‘Elastomer Training Richter’.
For more information on seminar content, upcoming dates, speakers and costs, please follow the “Read more” link.

Please note that all open seminars are held in German. For English seminars please contact us

Elastomer Materials and Seals
(05 November 2024)

During two days, our seminar instructor Bernhard Richter will provide you with basic knowledge on technical elastomer materials, their typical properties and important influencing factors in use.

Quality of elastomer products (14 November 2024)

This one-day seminar provides an in-depth overview of the complete manufacturing chain for technical elastomer parts with a special focus on the process steps relevant to component quality.

Testing of elastomer seals (3 December 2024)

During this two-day seminar, our seminar instructor will introduce you to the most important test procedures for incoming goods and qualification testing of elastomer materials and components.

Failure Analysis of Seals and Polymer Components (24 September 2024)

This three-day training course provides participants with sufficient expertise to be able to characterise damage patterns and initiate further measures for a reliable root cause analysis.

O-ring seals- Dimensioning, operational limits and Applications (06 May 2025)

In this two-day seminar, you will learn how to correctly design O-ring installation spaces, what to look out for and how to assess deviations from the design guidelines.